Comprehensive Cybersecurity Services

Many small and medium-sized businesses assume that their IT department is on top of cybersecurity. While your IT staff can handle some security concerns, that is not their primary concern and they likely do not have the time or resources necessary to regularly monitor and keep your network safe from cybercriminals. That is why it is important to recognize cybersecurity as a distinct business process from IT to ensure that you are adequately protected.

Cyber Health Check

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Cybersecurity Services

Windes offers a comprehensive menu of cybersecurity services to ensure your business is prepared and protected from cyber threats.


Discover your vulnerabilities before the cybercriminals do. Identify the data and information that is the most vital to your business and find out how to protect it.


No matter how much you spend on hardware and process design, your cybersecurity weakest link is always your people. Organizational cybersecurity training is an absolute must.


The most vigilant companies can fall victim to cyber attacks. When this happens you need immediate expert assistance to root out the source of the breach, recover data and shore up defenses so it does not happen again.

This informative webinar discusses how ransomware is on the rise, what the current threat landscape looks like as more employees are working remotely, common ransomware myths, and the steps your company can take to prevent a cybersecurity attack.

Cybersecurity Intelligence

Ransomware – The Fastest Growing Cyber Threat to Your Business

Ransomware ranks as the second biggest cyber threat after social engineering.

Business Email Compromise: How to Guard Against Cyber-Scams

The statistics are alarming and make it essential for businesses to emphasize cybersecurity to protect their business and assets.

Cloud Doesn’t Mean Secure

If you think you do not have to worry about your business information because it is safe and secure in the cloud, think again!
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