Globalization sends more and more companies around the world to deliver products and services, presenting exciting opportunities for today’s growing businesses and an increased need for international accounting services. Success abroad for organizations with international expansion plans or operations stems from careful planning and structuring. Windes can provide knowledgeable international tax accounting and consulting services in Los Angeles, Long Beach, and Orange County areas that correspond with your growth and expansion strategies.

While most businesses actively engage in reducing domestic taxes, many devote far fewer efforts to minimizing international taxes. Windes’ experienced international tax accountants and consultants in the Los Angeles area can help you navigate the complex tax implications in the global marketplace and save you money in taxes abroad. Through our affiliation with Baker Tilly International, we have access to the resources of affiliates meeting significant qualification criteria in 141 countries across the globe, allowing us to provide local expertise in any business center. Our international tax accountants and consultants understand the complex tax issues facing international operations and can help you develop the tax strategies you need to succeed.

Windes offers a broad range of international tax services in and around Los Angeles, including:

  • IC-DISC consulting and accounting
  • Cross-border transactions (inbound and outbound)
  • Foreign business structure/strategies
  • Foreign tax credit planning and compliance
  • Foreign mergers and acquisitions/global restructuring
  • Foreign investments in the U.S.
  • Permanent establishment issues
  • Tax compliance in foreign countries
  • Global VAT, custom duties, and other tariff compliance and planning
  • Tax strategies to optimize foreign repatriation
  • Subpart F tax planning
  • Global tax planning for intangible property
  • High-net-worth individual tax planning
  • Whether you are expanding internationally or need assistance with international tax planning, consider Windes. We have the international expertise you need to succeed.

For more information, please contact:

Robert M. Corbin, CPA, MST, CGMA, CM&AA
Jeffrey S. Fields, CPA, MST
Robin K. Massingale, CPA, MST
Sean K. McFerson, CPA, MBT
Bella P. Wang, CPA, MST