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Plan, Structure & Expand

Globalization is causing more and more companies to deliver products and services to all parts of the world at a rapid pace. This presents exciting opportunities for today’s growing businesses and an increased need for international accounting and tax services. Organizations with international expansion plans or operations can greatly benefit from careful planning and structuring. Windes can provide knowledgeable international tax accounting and consulting services to your expanding businesses.

Windes offers a broad range of international tax services for foreign businesses and investors coming into U.S. and U.S. businesses or investors going overseas. Our experienced international tax accountants and consultants understand the complex tax issues facing global operations and can help you develop the tax strategies you need to succeed.

International Affiliation

Windes is a member of Allinial Global, an award-winning association of legally independent accounting and consulting firms whose members collaborate to bring their clients best-in-class solutions. As a member of Allinial Global, we have access to the expertise, resources, and advice of 268 fellow firms in 109 countries throughout the world. This strategic affiliation allows us to offer you broader services, deeper niche expertise, and more complete geographic coverage—all with the prompt, personal attention you expect from Windes. Our goal is to be your best-in-class strategic partner, both locally and globally. Allinial Global helps us deliver.

Allinial Global Member

Inbound Tax Considerations

When a foreign business or investor expands its operations or invests in the U.S, thorough and comprehensive planning is critical, especially in the initial creation of the US operation. This generally involves consideration of complex U.S. tax laws and reporting requirements. Windes has extensive experience in advising foreign investors and business owners in all tax aspects of their U.S. investment or business activities. We carefully analyze each client’s situation and coordinate with their local tax advisors to create the most tax-efficient strategy and structure to minimize their global effective tax rate. We can assist you with

  • choosing the optimal entity structure for U.S. businesses or investments;
  • pre-residency tax planning and inbound transaction planning;
  • cross-border transactions;
  • permanent establishment consultation/planning;
  • U.S. federal and state income tax return preparation for corporations, individuals, and trusts;
  • U.S. estate tax planning for foreign investors with U.S. based assets;
  • pre-immigration U.S. income and estate tax planning and consulting;
  • cross-border families’ U.S. income tax and estate tax planning and consulting;
  • U.S. estate, trust, and gift tax compliance and planning;
  • income, sales and payroll tax compliance for businesses operating in the U.S.;
  • international provision (FAS 109) work;
  • customs duties and other tariff compliance and planning;
  • global tax planning for intellectual property;
  • comprehensive office solutions / “back office” services for foreign companies entering the U.S.;
  • assistance with multinational branch profits tax;
  • transfer pricing planning and documentation;
  • annual withholding tax return for U.S. source income of foreign persons;
  • foreign person’s U.S. source income subject to withholding;
  • individual taxpayer identification number (ITIN) issuance;
  • FIRPTA – Application for withholding certificate for dispositions by foreign persons of U.S. real estate property;
  • information return for a foreign-owned U.S. corporation or a foreign corporation engaged in a U.S. trade;
  • annual return for partnership withholding tax;
  • application for United States residency certification;
  • applicability of tax treaty provisions; and
  • repatriation planning and reporting.
Outbound Tax Considerations

When U.S. businesses expand overseas, they can be faced with the complexities of multi-jurisdictional taxation. In order to remain competitive and in compliance with the local tax laws, the tax implications of their business and investment strategies in each jurisdiction where they plan to invest or conduct business needs to be carefully examined and reviewed. Our dedicated international tax service team can help you with

  • choosing the optimal entity structure for foreign businesses or investments from a U.S. tax perspective;
  • U.S. tax deferral planning by using the most tax-efficient type of structure;
  • IC-DISC consulting and accounting;
  • cross-border transactions;
  • permanent establishment consultation/planning;
  • U.S. federal and state income tax return preparation for corporations, individuals, and trusts;
  • foreign tax credit planning and consulting;
  • international provision (FAS 109) work;
  • Subpart F income and Global Intangible Low-Taxed Income (GILTI) planning;
  • global VAT, customs duties, and other tariff compliance and planning;
  • global tax planning for intellectual property;
  • transfer pricing planning and documentation;
  • income sourcing and allocation and apportionment of expenses;
  • optimization of gains and losses from foreign currency transactions;
  • assistance in the acquisition and/or sale of foreign businesses;
  • information return of U.S. taxpayer with respect to certain foreign corporations; partnerships or disregarded entities;
  • FATCA – Filing of mandatory statement of specified foreign financial assets;
  • FBAR – Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts;
  • initial and annual expatriation statements;
  • assistance with IRS “amnesty” programs;
  • applicability of tax treaty provisions; and
  • repatriation planning and reporting.
FATCA Services

We assist our clients in meeting all reporting requirements under FATCA (The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act). Our services include:

  • Prepare Forms W-8 and Self Certificates
  • Foreign Bank Account Reporting Form (FBAR), as well as the assistance in complying with the U.S. IRS (Internal Revenue Service) streamlined procedures for non-filers
  • Foreign Financial Asset Disclosures
  • Residency Certification
  • Entity Classification Election

Windes China Tax Service

Windes China Tax Service Team

Our China Tax Service Team provides support for companies considering entering into the U.S. market or vice versa. Our team can help you implement the most tax-efficient structure, identify best-suit tax strategies, and minimize potential risks. Our team consists of various bilingual professionals working closely with our association of member firms of Allinial Global in China. In addition, our team members have extensive knowledge of tax and statutory requirements, as well as a breadth of experience and understanding of both countries’ cultures, which helps clients with their global business planning.

Our services for China and U.S. cross-border businesses and investors include

  • establishing the most tax-efficient cross-border business structure;
  • advising transfer pricing regulations and requirements in the U.S. and China;
  • planning for real estate investments in the U.S. and China;
  • providing federal, state, and local tax compliance services in the U.S. and China; and
  • assisting merger and acquisition or joint venture transactions in the U.S. and China.

For more information, please contact:

Bella P. Wang, CPA, MST, CGMA
Charlene Tao, CPA, MST
Sherry Liu, CPA

Entering into the U.S.

The U.S. has continuously been a very attractive market for many foreign businesses, including companies and investors in China. With the constantly changing economic environment and the complexity of tax laws in the U.S., it is very important for Chinese business owners to understand the basics of the U.S. tax system so that effective structure and planning can be implemented. Windes’ China Tax Services Team has extensive experience helping Chinese investors and business owners develop cross-border tax planning strategies that meet their business needs while maintaining a competitive efficient global tax rate. The strategies include advising on moving funds into the U.S. in the most tax-efficient manner, reducing tax costs on investment exit, establishing a tax-effective structure when identifying acquisition opportunities, and financing business debt efficiently with maximum tax savings. We help clients to position themselves for global success in their specific industries.

Entering into China

Being one of the fastest-growing countries economically and financially, with the largest population in the world, many U.S. companies are also considering expanding their existing operations into China. Due to significantly different government systems in China, it is even more important for U.S. investors to understand the requirements there during the planning stage. Even after the business is established in China, U.S. owners should still continue to closely monitor the regulations in cross-border transactions to remain in compliance and stay competitive with the lowest tax costs globally. Windes’ China Tax Services Team works closely with our Allinial Global affiliate in China to develop international tax-optimization structures and efficient local tax compliance procedures. We have the experience, talent, and resources to help clients navigate the tax and business landscape to identify and pursue opportunities and minimize potential risks.


WINDES 中国税务服务团队




美国的税法不但与中国的截然不同,并且错综复杂,为来美经商的中国企业和投资者带来了巨大的挑战。 我们的中国税务服务团队具备资深的税收与法规知识以及实战经验, 用最适合的节税架构,为众多中国企业和投资者量身定制最有效的全球税务策略,防范潜在的税务风险,并顺利达到符合美国税法规范的要求。















中国作为全球经济增长的重要组成部分,始终吸引着很多美国投资者到中国扩展业务。中美政治体制和税法政策截然不同。随着现今全球经济环境瞬息万变,中美法律法规也不断与时俱进。 因此对美国企业家和投资者来说,尽早并实时了解中国政治和经济制度尤为重要。即使已在中国开始了业务,美国企业和投资者仍应继续密切关注中美跨境贸易税法上的规定,以保证可以合规纳税并合理减税及免税来取得在国际商业竞争中的得胜。









*协助合规与申报企业的中国国家, 省,市和地级税





王珮力, 美国注册会计师, 税务学硕士, 特许全球管理会计师



WINDES注册会计师事务所总部设立于美国加州的长滩,并在尔湾和洛杉矶市中心设有办事处,是加州最大的区域会计师事务所之一。我们的服务以热诚信实, 便捷即时,具备卓越的知识和实战经验而闻名。我们的服务网络覆盖全球97多个国家,帮助您即时追溯全球市场趋势,自如应对激烈竞争中的各种挑战,实现全球税务目标,赢得企业全球化的发展成功。

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