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Human Resources Consulting & Placement

Investing in Human Capital

People – they are a company’s most important asset. For businesses large and small, hiring the right candidates and keeping them happy is the key to success. Yet, devoting enough efforts to the components of successful human resource management, including proper staffing, competitive compensation, regulatory compliance, valuable training, and effective policies and procedures, is often a challenge for companies with limited time and resources.

Enter Windes. For over fifteen years, we have helped clients manage their investment in human capital with our human resources consulting and placement practice. As an extension of your company, we can provide you with the human resources expertise you need to make intelligent hiring decisions, comply with labor laws and regulations, and provide a superior benefits package and working environment.

Human Capital Specialization


Finding a candidate who is both qualified and the right fit for your company is important. We will review the needs of your organization and offer a recruitment strategy for future growth. We will conduct an executive search and/or placement for key managerial and/or accounting positions for your company. Our recruitment services include:

  • Job description design and confidential search
  • Development and insertion of employment ads in targeted publications
  • Pre-screening and candidate interviews
  • Background investigations including: employment, education, criminal, civil, credit, DMV, personal, and professional references
Employee Handbook/Policies & Procedures Manual

Employee handbook review and development

An employee handbook translates organizational policies into procedures and practical guidelines to help the employees do their jobs more effectively. To mitigate exposure to litigation, it is important to provide all employees with a complete, updated handbook that meets the complex, changing legal requirements affecting personnel policies. An updated employee handbook is a valuable tool that can contribute to positive employee morale and help attract, retain, and motivate a competent workforce.

Policies and procedures manual

The policies and procedures manual outlines policies and sets clear guidelines for managers in their daily decision-making processes to ensure consistency in the treatment of employees. We can provide consultation on various programs outlined in your manual, including:

  • New-hire orientation program
  • Accident prevention program
  • Employee record-keeping requirements
  • Sexual harassment policy
  • Employment discrimination policy
  • Workplace violence policy
  • Drug and alcohol abuse policy
  • Drug testing policy
  • Computer and electronic systems policy
Eileen Harris
Eileen K. Harris, Esq.

Chief Human Resources Officer & HR Consultant
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