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Cybersecurity Incident Response

Recovery Assistance

Even the most vigilant companies can still fall victim to a cyber attack. One employee’s mistake can expose the entire organization and there are so many different ways that a hacker could attack and exploit your network. Our digital forensics team will analyze the data, identify what was lost, how the attack may have happened and who may have executed it. When the worst has happened, we can help you to recover from these attacks and keep your business up and running. In addition, we can provide consulting before an incident occurs to help you design your own incident response plan (IRP).

Incident Response & Digital Forensics

The incident response and digital forensics team can include:

  •  Analysis of logs and electronic data to identify the source of the breach and determine if the culprit is still present in the systems
  •  Recovery of deleted files or restoration of backups
  •  Extraction of registry data
  •  Comprehensive data interpretation
  •  Investigation of the dark web to determine if data has been exfiltrated for sale or who is taking responsibility for the attach
  •  A risk and resilience review to assist with future remediation

47% of small firms (less than 50 employees) were victims of a cyberattack in 2019. The number is 63% for medium-sized firms

 -Hiscox Cyber Readiness Report 2019

Are You A Victim of Cyber Breach?

Connect with Windes if you are a victim of Cyber Breach and need assistance.
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