Business Entity

At Windes, we want to help you with your business accounting and tax strategy so that you can maximize cash flow. We provide Los Angeles, Long Beach, and Orange County with a full range of tax strategy and business accounting services tailored to the needs of your business or partnership in a variety of transactions. The experienced accountants at Windes partner with you to provide business accounting, develop a well-planned tax strategy and provide year-long industry leading guidance for clients in the greater Los Angeles area.

Windes’ services include:

  • Business acquisitions, mergers, reorganizations, and terminations
  • Business formation and structure
  • Cash flow management
  • Deferred compensation
  • Entity selection
  • Federal, state, and local tax reporting
  • Consolidated tax returns
  • Multi-state tax returns
  • Representation before federal and state tax authorities
  • Research and development tax credit studies and analysis

For more information, please contact:

Donald L. Allen, CPA
Robert M. Corbin, CPA, MST, CGMA, CM&AA
James A. Cordova, CPA, MST
John L. Di Carlo, CPA, MST
Jeffrey S. Fields, CPA, MST
Timothy J. Good, CPA, MST
R. Lee Haight, CPA, CGMA
Robert B. Henderson II, CPA, MST
Donita M. Joseph, CPA, MBT
Susan A. Laputz, CPA, MST
Robin K. Massingale, CPA, MST
Sean K. McFerson, CPA, MBT
Thomas F. Monaghan, CPA, MST, TEP
Guy A. Nico, CPA. MST
Christy E. Selogie, CPA, MST