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ASC 842 Leases

Lease Accounting (ASC 842)

Are you compliant with the new ASC 842 lease ruling? ASC 842 requires lessees to recognize both finance and operating capital leases on their balance sheet. Lessees must also distinguish between right-of-use assets and lease liability. Windes offers lease accounting gap assessments that will allow your finance team to be prepared for the changes your organization may need to make in order to become compliant with ASC 842 leases.

Janaury 1, 2019 was the compliance deadline for public companies, and Janaury 1, 2022 was the compliance deadline for private companies.

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Assured Compliance

Under the new ASC 842 Lease Accounting guidance, all leases from the lessee’s perspective will receive balance sheet recognition, with the exception of short-term leases of less than twelve months. Leases are classified as either financing or operating leases, which require analysis of lease contracts to determine the appropriate classification, and results in a different accounting treatment.

Windes’ ASC 842 experts can provide peace of mind for your organization by addressing any disparity between where your company stands today on lease accounting and where it needs to be for compliance with these new rules.

ASC 842 Services and Expertise



  • Accounting transition
  • Lease classification
  • Expense recognition
  • Disclosure requirements


  • Accounting policy development
  • Implementation/outsourcing
  • Finance and operating lease analysis
  • ROU and lease liability calculations
  • Technical training for  lessees and lessors
  • Embeded lease review

  • Policy elections
  • Process implementation
  • Hosting calculations
  • Post-issuance compliance


  • Lease component analysis and allocating contract consideration
  • Sale-leaseback guidance
  • IFRS 16 compliance
  • Transition and recognition practical expedients
  • COVID-19 lease concessions


Lease Crunch Software Partnership

Lease Crunch is one of the top new accounting software products in 2022.

Windes partnership with Lease Crunch allows us to automate much of the required deliverables for improved accuracy and speed. The software is compliant with ASC 842, IFRS 16, GASB 87 and GASB 96.

Windes and Lease Crunch deliver the confidence that your calculations are accurate and that your data is secure.

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