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Cybersecurity Education

Avoid Internal Team Mistakes

Without cybersecurity education, even the most sophisticated program can be subverted by one unintentional act by an unsuspecting, uneducated employee. You can build the most complicated, most expensive lock in the world, but if someone opens it from the inside, you have wasted your money. That is why regular, effective cybersecurity education and awareness training is essential for every organization, no matter its size or complexity. This education needs to be easy to understand but also informative and memorable so that cybersecurity is top of mind for every employee.

Organizational Education

We have designed a series of organizational training seminars to help organizations educate their employees on how to protect the business and themselves. Participants will learn:

  •  How to recognize the different types of phishing emails and quickly identify the red flags
  •  The different types of social engineering and what is/isn’t safe to post on social media
  •  Password best practices for work and personal use
  •  Security best practices for working remotely or from home

Employee carelessness and phishing/social engineering were major contributing factors for malware and targeted attacks; attack types, which, incidentally, have also demonstrated the largest increase in the last year.

 -Kaspersky Labs


Learn About Training Options

Connect with Windes to discuss and learn about training options.
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