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Cybersecurity Assessments

Where to Begin?

As you contemplate improving your cybersecurity position it can be hard to know where to begin. The answer is with a cybersecurity assessment. Whether you are just starting to consider cybersecurity or you have a robust system in place, it is important to continually probe your network for vulnerabilities. That is where Windes can help. We will help you find the gaps in your defenses and provide a roadmap to guide you to a stronger and safer digital environment.

Risk Assessments

Our assessments will provide you with the information you need to prioritize your investment into cybersecurity and will include:

  •  Identifying valuable information and assets
  •  Evaluating the systems and controls that you already have in place
  •  Evaluating the risks that are universal and specific to your organization
  •  Identifying the threats and vulnerabilities to your organization
  •  Providing recommendations for how to mitigate and guard against those risks

Penetration Testing

A complete cybersecurity program includes penetration testing at least once per year (more depending on your size and risk profile). Our penetration tests include full red team exercises that will:

  •  Scan your environment for easily exploitable weaknesses
  •  Probe your network for the vulnerabilities that cybercriminals would exploit
  •  Simulate attacks to determine where you need to bolster security
  •  Provide a specific report of any successful intrusions and make recommendations on how to remediate these issues
Cyber Health Check

Connect with Windes for a Free Cyber Health Check.
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