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Value Acceleration & Exit Planning

Business Transition Plans

If your goal is to build a valuable asset for the future or eventually sell the business, goals like these are often elusive to owners with no business transition plan in place. Value acceleration and exit planning strategies increase your chances of success in either scenario. As a result, these strategies help you avoid common entrepreneurial traps and focus on value drivers.


What is Exit Planning?

A plan that focuses on ensuring a successful business exit and secure financial future.

What is Value Acceleration?

A proven process that focuses on value, growth, and aligning personal and business goals.

Are your Key Performance Indicators working?

Learn how the right Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) can accelerate your business’ value.
Ready to accelerate the value of your business?

It is not enough to build a business. You must have an effective exit strategy to maximize your business’s value. Windes can help.

Webinar: Value Acceleration and Exit Planning

Learn how to increase EBITDA by aligning goals, improving economic efficiencies, and transitioning to an enterprise value mindset.

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Robert B. Henderson II, CPA, MST, CEPA, CM&AA
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