What is Value Acceleration

Value Acceleration

A Value Acceleration process focuses on value growth and aligning business, personal, and financial goals.

  • Integrates the exit plan into one master plan
  • Is grounded in ACTION
  • Promotes use of teams in an engaging process
  • Creates a roadmap to success
  • Provides owner key deliverables & metrics
  • Creates a Leap in Value

Get started with Value Acceleration using the Value Builder System today.

EPI Value Acceleration Process

Value Acceleration Process

Exit Planning Institute

Additional Benefits

  • Focusing on Value makes the timing of the exit irrelevant – always “ready”.
  • Very predictable results.
  • Breaks big strategic programs into 90 day chunks (Sprints!)
  • Connects daily activities to value.
  • Acts as a driver of organizational behavior.
  • Mitigates Risk.
  • Gets employees and management thinking more like owners – what are the financial impacts of their performance?
  • Ensures owner and family wealth are at the center of the plan.
  • Can be used as an inter-generational and employee development, transition and measurement tool.

For more information on Value Acceleration and Exit Planning, please contact: Robert Henderson

Robert B. Henderson II, MST,CPA, CEPA, Partner, Tax & Audit Serivces

Robert B. Henderson II |  PARTNER