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Key Performance Indicators

Are you meeting your business objectives?


You’ve set goals for your business and have invested a lot of time and energy working towards them. BUT, do you have the necessary Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in place to measure your businesses’ progress towards those goals? Tracking progress can be difficult. Windes can help by:

  • taking the data you already have and converting it into measurable KPIs that focus on strategic and operational improvements;
  • tracking and analyzing objective evidence to create a basis for decision-making that focuses on the critical leading indicators to drive lagging progress; and
  • targeting efficiency, effectiveness, and resource utilization for increased accountability and action.

We can work with you to set the right KPIs, monitor your progress, and keep your business on track.

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“What gets measured gets managed.”  – Peter Drucker

Rob Henderson
Robert B. Henderson II, CPA, MST, CEPA, CM&AA

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