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Integrated Partners and Windes Launch Ovisto™ Wealth Management

Industry powerhouses partner to offer investors an amalgamation of wealth services aimed at enhancing and guiding their financial lives

LONG BEACH, CA – NOVEMBER 30, 2023 – Integrated Partners (“Integrated”), a national financial planning and registered investment advisory (RIA) firm that serves more than $12.7 billion in advisory assets, and Windes, Inc., (“Windes”), a premier Californian accounting and advisory firm, have announced a partnership to launch Ovisto™ Wealth Management (“Ovisto”).

The new entity enters the wealth management market offering a holistic suite of financial planning and wealth management services. These include retirement planning, investment management, estate and legacy planning, risk management, and business owner planning, all supported by Integrated Partners’ front- and back-office support services.

James A. Cordova, managing partner at Windes; Paul Saganey, CFP®, founder and president at Integrated; and Mark Mitamura, lead advisor at Ovisto, have collaborated through Integrated’s long-tenured CPA Alliance program to create a truly unique client experience.

“The partnership will enable Ovisto’s clients, who often have sophisticated and unique financial needs, to access highly skilled technical experts in advanced planning. These experts are adept at addressing and bridging the coordination gaps commonly encountered when managing complex financial situations,” said Saganey. “Clients desire and deserve comprehensive wealth and tax services. Ovisto will be a welcome home where clients can find experienced wealth advisors ready to collaborate and offer guidance on their financial journeys.”

Mitamura will be directly responsible for managing a seasoned team of financial advisors with more than 50 years of combined industry experience. This team will collaborate with tax and accounting specialists from Windes, providing support to sophisticated investors, retirees, affluent families, executives, business professionals, entrepreneurs and corporate retirement plans. Mitamura expressed confidence that Ovisto’s comprehensive client onboarding process will deliver significant value for clients, stating, “Through our thorough discovery process, we pinpoint opportunities to aid clients with complex financial matters, revealing possibilities that other advisors might miss.”

Ovisto will combine cutting-edge advisory, assurance and tax services with advanced planning and investment management experience, aimed at empowering clients to pursue their most ambitious financial goals. Ovisto’s Business Owner Planning and Risk Management Strategies will provide added resources for clients who require advanced planning and investment management offerings.

“This is a momentous occasion as we continue to innovate, building upon our offerings to support our clients’ ever-changing needs,” added Cordova. “Our forward-thinking approach is a source of immense pride, and by launching Ovisto, we reinforce our commitment to delivering services that are tailored to the unique planning requirements of our clients.”

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