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Financial Reporting Software, Jirav, and Outsourced Accounting

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Main Takeaway

Effective financial management is critical to the success and sustainability of your business. Accurate accounting and reporting lets you monitor financial performance, identify potential cash flow problems, and plan for the future. It also makes compliance with legal and tax obligations easier and ensures the long-term financial stability of your business.

Next Step

Financial report analysis software like Jirav offers businesses an all-in-one solution for financial planning and analysis (FP&A). Combined with Windes’ outsourced accounting services, our Jirav-trained professionals can improve your company’s financials and help grow profits.


What is Jirav?

Jirav is a financial reporting software built to simplify FP&A for businesses. The user-friendly platform eliminates the need for complicated Excel spreadsheets and formulas by offering an accessible accounting and reporting solution for growing companies.

The platform is currently used by approximately 3,500 businesses and was developed by finance professionals for finance professionals. It helps companies plan for multiple scenarios, make optimal financial decisions, track actual performance versus projections and plans, and use pre-built reports customized to your organization’s needs.


Using Jirav to Streamline Financial Accounting and Reporting

Jirav offers multiple FP&A features that can help streamline accounting and reporting. They are part of a cloud-based platform that tracks real-time changes and syncs information, so you never operate using outdated data.


Interactive, User-Friendly Dashboards

With Jirav, you can access customized dashboards containing financial and non-financial information. These tools let you see how your company performs in a user-friendly, easy-to-visualized format. The platform’s dashboards use driver-based technology to offer insights on any KPIs for your company. You can customize your dashboard titles and use drag-and-drop keys to add or delete specific elements. Dashboards may include cash balances, forecasted headcount, revenue metrics, and salary run rate.


Powerful Integrations

Jirav seamlessly integrates with your organization’s existing accounting and financial applications. Unlike some platforms, integration with programs like Quickbooks is achieved almost instantly, rather than requiring months to set up or custom coding.

Jirav integrates with the following software:

  • Xero
  • Oracle NetSuite
  • Gusto
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Sage Intacct
  • ADP
  • Google Sheets


Plans and Forecasts

After integrating with your accounting software, Jirav lets you see your income, cash flow, and balance sheet statements. You can view historical performance in certain areas or create forecasts, design models, and plans for your operations. Jirav provides customizable 80% plans to help you get started.

For example, you can choose from templates such as quarterly review package, department budget report monthly, S&M report package, and ops department LY package.

Variance and BvA Reports

To effectively manage your company’s FP&A, you can view budget vs. actual (BvA) and variance reporting to stay on track in uncertain markets. With Jirav, you can run various plans to understand how your business may perform under different scenarios, helping you mitigate risks and change operational elements like suppliers or your workforce for increased profits.

Jirav’s budget variance executive summary lets you easily compare numbers side-by-side to assess performance and make changes. For example, the report template contains categories such as revenue, plan, actuals, change, and percentage in organized columns that you can review to see where you need to focus your efforts.

Additional Jirav capabilities include:

  • Collaborative features such as report sharing, editing, and commenting
  • Forecast runway for 6, 12, or 60 months
  • Automated investor report packages
  • Cash flow milestone analysis
  • Rolling forecast for months or years
  • Capital expenditures models
  • Sales and workforce planning
  • Sales projects based on preferred metrics like marketing spend or headcount
  • Deferred revenue drivers
  • Departmental budgeting
  • Expense allocation
  • Annual operating plans


Outsourced Accounting and Jirav can Advance Financial Planning for Your Business

Partnering with an accounting firm like Windes that offers outsourced CFO services and knows how to implement and use Jirav financial planning software can improve your business’s FP&A operations. While you can implement the platform independently, outsourced accounting firm services from Windes can make the process even easier, running behind-the-scenes reporting integration and providing you with at-a-glance reports and dashboards.

With Windes’ outsourced accounting and Jirav, you will enjoy the following benefits:

More time – With Windes, you benefit from our professional experience using Jirav and similar financial reporting software. Instead of spending time learning Jirav on your own, you can trust our team’s knowledge of the software to help your company benefit from the technology immediately.

Cost savings – Instead of hiring an in-house accounting staff or investing in training for a new reporting platform, you save money with Windes and Jirav because we already know the software. In addition to these direct cost savings, you also benefit from the long-term savings that accurate bookkeeping and accounting practices provide. 

Real-time reports – Using Jirav, Windes CFO professionals can provide real-time reports that give you up-to-date information about your business. You do not have to wait days or weeks for important reports to make a decision; you get them right away in a convenient, easy-to-read format. 

Improved compliance – Staying on top of compliance with taxes and financial reporting is challenging. With Windes, you get peace of mind by working with an accounting partner who understands tax laws for niche areas such as ASC 842 lease accounting or real estate investing. 

Scalability – Outsourced accounting and Jirav let you scale as needed without hiring additional employees or buying more software. Our team can handle your company’s changing needs and use Jirav to stay on track and help you understand your organization’s growth patterns.


Let Windes Implement Jirav for Improved Financial Reporting

Your business can experience improved financial reporting and cash flow by working with Windes. Our accounting and financial reporting professionals can use Jirav to create an objective view of your revenue and operating expenses and advise you on ways to cut costs and save money.

Connect to our CFO services team today to learn more about Jirav and how Windes will use the platform to streamline financial operations for your organization.


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