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The Windes Nonprofit Team

At Windes, we understand the multiple drivers that contribute to your nonprofit’s long-term success. We believe both smart planning and risk management are key to maximizing value for your stakeholders, e.g., students, patients, association members, donors, and countless other deserving beneficiaries under your mission. Your Windes team is committed to bringing its audit, tax, and advisory services to help your organization achieve success in a smart, cost-effective manner.

Michael J. Barloewen
Michael J. Barloewen, CPA, CGMA

Nonprofit Group Practice Leader
Partner, Audit & Assurance Services
Donita M. Joseph
Donita M. Joseph, CPA, MBT

Partner, Nonprofit Tax Services
Kelly Buck
Kelly Buck, CPA, MAcct

Partner, Audit & Assurance Services
Aaron Phillips
Aaron Phillips, CPA

Senior Manager, Nonprofit Tax Services
Tom Huey
Tom Huey, CPA

Partner, Audit & Assurance Services
Leslie Mori
Leslie Mori, CPA

Manager, Nonprofit Tax Services
Ben McKinney
Ben McKinney, CPA

Partner, Audit & Assurance Services
Alicia Manning
Alicia Manning, CPA

Senior Manager, Audit & Assurance Services
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