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Maximize Business Value

Formulate a Strategy

Windes Value Builder Scoring provides insights and helps to formulate a value acceleration or exit plan strategy to maximize business value. This helps business owners avoid pitfalls and focus on their particular business transition objectives.

Develop an Exit Plan

The Value Builder System will help you develop an Exit Plan.

The Value Builder Score

The Value Builder Score answers the questions:

  • How sellable is my business?
  • Is my business easy or hard to sell?
  • How does my business compare to other businesses in my industry?
  • Where does my business need improvement?
  • How do investors evaluate a business
    like mine?
3 Reasons To Use The Value Builder Score
  1. Be More Valuable than Peers – Use the Value Builder Score to improve the value of your business compared to similar businesses and structure your business operations in ways desirable to investors.
  2. Discover Assets and Silent Killers – Identify company attributes that may need more attention so your business can achieve its full value. Discover areas of your business that need short-term focus in order to gain long-term results.
  3. Gain Time and Money – The Value Builder System gives you back the one thing business entrepreneurs need most – MORE TIME. It helps you detach from working “in the business” every day, and provides the freedom to use your time as a true CEO.
The Value Builder Score Process
  1. Complete the brief 13-minute online questionnaire. You will immediately receive a Value Builder Score for your business.
  2. Windes will then prepare and send you a fully customized Value Builder Score Report. Based on your answers to the Value Builder Score questionnaire, your report will analyze how your business is performing against eight key value drivers.
  3. Once you receive your Value Builder Score Report, you will have the opportunity to arrange a consultation. In this consultation, Windes will look at the overview of your Value Builder Score and share more about how to use the eight key drivers to build high exit value in your business.


Our value acceleration and exit planning services are ideal for business owners wanting to maximize business value, resulting in a more valuable asset when exit planning.

Rob Henderson
Robert B. Henderson, CPA, MST, CEPA, CM&AA

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