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Hiring Trends: Accounting, Finance, and IT Staffing Tips for 2022

Post COVID-19 hiring trends are changing how businesses manage their staffing needs. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), approximately 47.8 million people quit their jobs in 2021. The organization reports that as of March 2022, 11.3 million jobs remain unfilled across the country, highlighting the need for businesses to identify and shift hiring practices to fill these gaps.

Accounting, finance, and IT staffing is no exception. Below are some hiring trends for 2022 that may help your company find the right talent for these types of roles.

Hybrid and Virtual Work is King

Among the most significant hiring trends in the last two years is the emergence of virtual and hybrid working arrangements. According to a 2021 Gallup Poll, 9 out of 10 workers prefer a hybrid approach to working post-pandemic. The same survey reports that 54% of employees working from home prefer a hybrid arrangement, while 37% prefer to only work from home.

Most important for employers is that 30% of employees who have worked remotely report moving to another company if remote work is not an option. Accounting, finance, and IT jobs are among the top positions where candidates expect remote and hybrid working options.

Employees in these sectors discovered that working from home helps avoid work-related expenses like gas and eating out. In addition, both employees and employers find that productivity increases when employees work remotely with excellent management.

It is a Candidate’s Market

Due to the mass exodus of employees leaving their current jobs, a trend referred to as The Great Resignation, the power of the qualified candidate has emerged. More than ever, candidates with sought-after skills leave undesirable jobs and move into positions that offer flexible schedules and excellent benefits and salaries.

According to a 2021 Forbes article, candidates are looking for the following elements when seeking employment:

Shared Values

Skilled job seekers want to work for a company that reflects values such as cultural diversity, gender diversity, and environmental concerns. Companies seeking to attract and retain employees must implement eco-friendly operations and practice diverse hiring that promotes equality among all races and genders.

Growth Opportunities

Employment candidates prefer to work for companies that offer excellent professional development and growth opportunities. Companies need to provide employees with a clear path of professional advancement to compete in the new high-stakes hiring game.


High-quality workers are demanding flexibility in the workplace. Financial, IT, and accounting jobs that still require a nine-to-five schedule need to rethink such practice requirements. Most employees post-covid expect flexible hours and workdays.


Excellent benefits packages are among the top reasons a job seeker chooses one company over another. Employers need to offer benefits that speak to changing trends towards mental health services and dependent care benefits for employees who have children or elderly family members.

Wider Hiring Pool Equals Diverse Opportunities

A natural benefit of more remote work positions is a more diverse candidate pool from which to hire. This new trend allows businesses to look beyond the local talent pool and recruit the most skilled candidates for the job.

Companies can now hire people from around the U.S. and beyond without compensation for relocation costs. Candidates from various backgrounds and skill levels can interview for positions they may have otherwise overlooked.

Despite the benefits of this trend for employers and candidates, it requires companies to go all out with salary and benefits packages. With such diverse hiring opportunities, there is more competition between hiring businesses. To attract the very best employees, your company needs to be more flexible when looking for skilled workers and compensate them accordingly.

Tips for Staffing IT, Finance, and Accounting Employees

To boost your ability to staff your company’s open positions, consider implementing the following staffing tips as you review candidates for employment.

Offer Remote or Hybrid Positions

To compete for the best candidates, offer fully remote or hybrid employment opportunities to employees. Remote work provides flexibility for employees and allows you to seek candidates outside the local job-seeking pool.

Offer Flexible Schedules

Offer flexible schedules when possible for employment candidates. Allow competent candidates to set their schedules or commit to a certain number of hours per week.

Offer Excellent Benefits Packages

Work with a firm to craft and manage a competitive benefits package that meets the evolving needs of workers. Your benefits package should include health benefits and benefits for working parents and caretakers.

Offer Competitive Salaries

In addition to excellent benefits, your company should offer competitive salaries for high-quality job seekers. Aim to compensate candidates adequately for their skill set and education.

Look for Diverse Candidate Opportunities

Take a look at candidates outside the typical choices for the position. Also, consider candidates who live out of state or bring new skills and experience to the table.

Partner With a Placement Consulting Firm

Working with a firm that offers HR consulting and placement is often beneficial in finding the best candidates. Services and expertise in recruiting, confidential searches, prescreening, employee handbooks, and policy creation can help you attract the right candidate.

Staff Your Company With High-Quality Candidates

If you are looking for ways to fill your company’s open positions, work with a firm like Windes that offers HR consulting and placement services. We provide human resource consulting and recruiting services, in addition to employee benefits design and administration. Let Windes find suitable candidates for your open positions today. Contact our team at 844-494-6337 or to start your search.

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