Payroll, Sales Tax, & Business Services

Outsourcing Plans for Payroll, Sales Tax & Business Services

Outsourced Payroll, Sales Tax, and Business Services from Windes are an efficient way to compliment your staff.

Talk to Windes to get an Outsourced Plan for your business.

Outsourced Payroll, Sales Tax & Business Services

Connect with Windes for an Outsourced Payroll, Sales Tax & Business Services plan for your business.

Technical Expertise

Your Windes’ team is experienced with the following:

  • Payroll processing, reporting, and tax return filings
  • Sales and use tax returns
  • Personal property tax returns
  • Software selection, implementation, and conversions
  • Client staff training and development
  • Accounting policies and procedures
  • Business management
  • Insurance review and analysis

Payroll, Sales and Use Tax, and Business Services

Our team can provide a variety of payroll processing and payroll tax solutions both internally and through our strategic partnerships.

We provide consulting and compliance of multi-state sales and use tax returns and preparation of business property tax returns.

Additionally, we offer a customized selection of business management outsourcing solutions.

Windes is committed to customizing a plan to fit your needs.

Guy Nicio, CPA. MST

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