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William Norment Windes


As the firm’s founder, W.N. Windes had a profound influence on the company’s direction. Many attributes of the firm’s culture are firmly rooted in Windes’ leadership. Windes, described by contemporaries as “sincere, honest, and trustworthy,” “serious,” and “rock-solid,” was known above all for his integrity. Windes also left a legacy of community service. He worked just as avidly within the community as in his accounting practice.

For Windes, the firm was an extension of his family. Proud of the young accountants who worked for him, he hosted a picnic every year on the 30 acres of his Orange County home. The Oaks, as Windes named it, was the Windes family home for the rest of his life. Today, it serves as Santiago Oaks Regional Park and spans more than 1,000 acres. The former Windes’ home is the park’s visitor center and Windes Drive leads into the park.

Windes set the firm’s tone and laid the foundation for the principles, values, and culture to which we ascribe today. His legacy is not only important to the firm, but to Southern California.
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