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Paul McClaughry


Born in Pennsylvania, Paul McClaughry graduated from UC Berkeley in 1935. After working in the oil industry for several years, McClaughry joined Windes’ accounting practice.

McClaughry shared a similar respect for honesty, integrity, and client service with that of his mentor and partner, Norment Windes. He was appreciative, very warm, and respectful toward all. Many young accountants viewed him as a great role model and mentor. McClaughry knew the name of every firm member, as well as the names of their spouses and children. He and his wife celebrated Valentine’s Day each year by placing a rose on each woman’s desk, a tradition still honored by Managing Partner Jack Hinsche and his wife.

Like Windes, McClaughry believed in the importance of community service. “I want you to realize that we are very, very lucky to be in this community and, at the right time, I would expect that you focus on giving back more to the community than the benefits you receive from it,” he advocated. McClaughry was very involved in community, serving as chairman of the Long Beach Chapter of the Red Cross, president of the Long Beach Metropolitan YMCA, member of the Board of Directors for the Kiwanis Club, director of the United Way, president of the Long Beach Area Chamber of Commerce, and founder of the Cal Berkley Alumni Club of Long Beach.

McClaughry reinforced the firm’s culture and valued people above all. His principles have had a significant impact on the firm’s ideals and direction.
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