Artificial Intelligence Pros & Cons

Artificial Intelligence pros and cons should be a top priority as Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities rapidly evolve. AI has already secured its place throughout our digital world, and is now a growing force within the information security landscape.


Security products increasingly rely on AI for detection of unauthorized activity or misappropriation of confidential data. Machine learning, a subset of AI, enables a computer program to learn patterns as it ingests data, leading to a remarkably fast analysis of huge amounts of information. This analysis may reveal anomalies that in turn may be indicators of a hacker’s unscrupulous activity.


Everything that is good about AI and machine learning can be exploited by hackers for their own destructive, personal agendas. Considering the increased analytic power inherent in AI, it is possible to use AI and machine learning routines to make hacking more efficient. For example, researchers have demonstrated that malicious email phishing can be more successful with AI optimization. Other possibilities include improvements in response rates to misleading social media posts or using AI to guess passwords based on publically available information.

AI-powered defense may be the only way to battle AI-augmented hacking. Researchers at Webroot, a leading cybersecurity and anti-malware software provider, surveyed 400 U.S. cybersecurity professionals, finding that 87% are using AI to protect their organizations, while 91% of the same group believe hackers will use AI to improve their attack.

It is reasonable to think that protective AI will soon battle destructive AI for control of the cybersecurity world. As hackers employ AI to create increasingly effective threats, cyber defenders must include AI in their counterstrategies. Today’s best practices for effective information security include automation. Soon, the inclusion of AI as a defensive component will likely be necessary.

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