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Employee Benefit Services

Social Security Planning

The focus of our practice is to help business owners accumulate assets through the private retirement system. However, many baby boomers are now confronting the dizzying array of options for claiming their social security benefits. Determining when to claim benefits can have a dramatic effect on your monthly income, and making the wrong choice could limit your overall distributions from the public retirement system. Factors that can influence the correct strategy include your need for income, your health, your current employment, and marital status. We have heard from many clients that the Social Security Administration is inconsistent in their advice and assistance.

A customized analysis of your situation will determine the optimal claiming strategy and provide peace of mind over this confusing issue. As noted below, we partner with qualified financial planners who can provide help with social security planning. Please contact us for a referral.

For questions or more information, please contact Richard Green at or Therese Cheevers at, or by phone (844) 252-7337.

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