Profit Sharing & 401(k) Plans

We provide design and administration services to traditional profit sharing plans as well as plans with 401(k) features. Profit sharing plans offer the sponsoring employer full discretion on the amount of annual contributions (subject to limits). A 401(k) plan is a profit sharing plan that also provides participants with the ability to defer part of their pay into the plan on a pre-tax basis. Some of these plans may be designed with safe harbor contributions to avoid annual testing requirements. The investment of the accounts in these plans can be either trustee or participant directed. Although we have no direct involvement with plan investments, we partner with a wide variety of investment providers who present the participant level features that make these plans popular and a valuable benefit for employees.

For more information, please contact:

Therese S. Cheevers, APA, ERPA, Partner and Department Chair
Richard L. Green, CPC, QPA, QKA, APA, ERPA (Retired Partner)

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