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Cybersecurity Organizational Training

Regular Awareness Training

Cybersecurity specialists all agree that the most vulnerable part of any network is the people that use it. A complete cybersecurity program is incomplete without regular awareness training for all of your employees.

According to Verizon’s latest Data Breach Investigations Report, the most common method cybercriminals use to breach a target is a phishing campaign. Phishing attack are social engineering attacks. Social Engineering attacks rely on exploiting a human to allow them access to a protected system. In a phishing attack, the hacker sends an email posing as an authority, coworker, or trusted entity to ask for sensitive access information such as login credentials, or to trick an employee into downloading a malicious file to the network. The attacker will then use the credentials infiltrate the system, allowing them to exfiltrate data or install malware.

These attacks are extremely prevalent but there is an easy way to prevent them and that is through regular organizational cybersecurity awareness training. Our experienced cybersecurity professionals can train your employees to recognize phishing emails and their red flags. They can also help you to establish guidelines for how to handle and contain any attempted breach and create protocols for what to do in case a breach does occur.

Effective cybersecurity requires the collective efforts of your entire staff and it starts with online cyber security training modules and expert on site organizational training.

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