RI – New ID numbers assigned to retailers and permit holders

The Rhode Island Division of Taxation (DOT) announced that it has assigned individualized account identification (ID) numbers to retailers and other sales tax permit holders that will take effect July 1, 2017. Use of the new numbers is intended to result in greater ID protection and more security for retailers and other permit holders, and allow the DOT to post a retailer’s or other permit holder’s information to its new agency-wide computer system more efficiently and effectively.

According to the DOT, retailers and permit holders will experience little impact by the change. For example, electronic filers will continue to use the DOT website for business tax filings, and will continue to use their 11-digit Rhode Island ID number and password to log in at that site. For paper filers, the DOT plans to start mailing out sales tax coupon booklets by the end of June 2017. Each booklet will contain the retailer’s sales permit, as well as coupons for remitting tax. The permit will have its own account ID number, which the paper filer will use for purposes of annual permit renewal. However, the paper filer will be mailed a renewal form, which will have the account ID number on it. Paper filers will have a separate account ID number for remitting tax; however, that account ID number will already be printed on each coupon.

The DOT will mail sales tax permit holders their new account ID numbers soon. The mailing will go to permit-holders who (1) have renewed their sales tax permits for the year that begins July 1, 2017; (2) paid the required $10 permit renewal fee; and (3) are not delinquent on their Rhode Island state taxes.

The DOT also provided additional information, advice, and examples relating to the new ID numbers. Advisory 2017-18, Rhode Island Division of Taxation, June 8, 2017