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IRS Outlines New Five-Year Strategic Plan

The IRS has issued a new five-year strategic plan to guide its programs and operations and to help meet the changing needs of taxpayers and members of the tax community. “Providing service to taxpayers is a vital part of the IRS mission and the new Strategic Plan lays out a vision of ways to help improve our tax system,” remarked IRS Acting Commissioner David Kautter.

The Fiscal Year 2018-2022 IRS Strategic Plan focuses on six goals aimed at improving customer service:

  • empowering and enabling all taxpayers to meet their tax obligations;
  • protecting the integrity of the tax system by encouraging compliance through administering and enforcing the tax code;
  • proactively collaborating with external partners to improve tax administration;
  • cultivating a well-equipped, diverse, flexible and engaged workforce;
  • advancing data access, usability and analytics to inform decision-making and improve operational outcomes; and
  • driving increased agility, efficiency, effectiveness and security in IRS operations.

The Service further urged taxpayers to be aware of their fundamental rights under the Taxpayer Bill of Rights when dealing with the IRS.

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