Corporate Gallery Award


Briana Miyoko Stanley’s award winning artwork, “1.9.18”  consists of debris-flow dirt from the Montecito mudslide, Thomas Fire ash, gouache, charcoal, ink, embroidery thread, watercolor paper, pine, and ink.

Windes has collaborated with the Student Arts Program at California State University, Long Beach (CSULB) to create the Windes Corporate Gallery Award, which recognizes exceptional artists and is presented semiannually to a student in the program.

Windes has a long-standing tradition of community involvement and the Corporate Gallery Award is intended to actively encourage and support these art students and their work. By showcasing these artists’ work in a corporate setting, our hope is to bring awareness and appreciation of the cultural and creative contributions that artists make to our communities.

Our awardee is Briana Miyoko Stanley with her piece, “1.9.18.” Briana’s painting is a masterful piece that brilliantly encapsulates the events of that day, which is the work’s namesake. Briana’s use of natural elements adds depth to the landscape, giving it a sense of shifting forms and movement. It is a beautiful and penetrating work, leaving us to imagine the destruction and rebirth contained within the piece, mirroring the creative process within us all.

Briana is a graduate student at CSULB, working towards her Masters of Fine Art in Drawing and Painting. She graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Art in Art from Westmount College in Santa Barbara. Briana has also studied in New Zealand, and her work has been included in a multitude of exhibitions throughout California.

Windes is pleased to congratulate Briana on receiving this award.

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