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2019 Draft Form 1040 Released

IRS Releases 2019 Draft Form 1040 and Accompanying Schedules

The IRS has released a draft of the 2019 Form 1040 and its accompanying schedules. The form is slightly longer than last year’s version because Schedules 1-6 have been condensed into three schedules. In addition, the draft form (1) asks for additional information for heads of household, qualifying widows/widowers, and those using a married filing separately status; (2) removes the checkbox for health care coverage; and (3) moves several common tax credits on page two of the return.

The draft Schedule A has been updated to reflect that medical expenses are deductible only if they exceed 10% of AGI (as opposed to 7.5% for 2018). There are no substantive changes to the draft Schedule B or its instructions. The draft forms can be accessed at

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